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College Majors That Pay Off the Least

Some college majors pay off well, but unfortunately not all do.   From a financial perspective, some college majors could be categorized as poor investments.  While not every student looks at college from a return-on-investment point-of-view, they should at least be informed as to the likely expectation of income following graduation.  The college major itself does …Read more

Best Paying Six-Figure Jobs in America

It is the time of year when most college students have made their way back to campus and high school students commence the fall semester.  It’s also the time when parents ask in mass what their children should study at college to assure a good future. If the answer is also the best paying jobs, …Read more

Lowest Paying Jobs Requiring a Degree — 2018

For most people, what they majored in at college impacts their earning capacity — lifelong.  No doubt college graduates typically (but not always) make more than non-degreed individuals.  The median annual wage among jobs that require a college degree earn $65,000 compared to $37,690 across all jobs.  As usual I invoke the TINSTAANREM axiom — …Read more

Another Top-10 List — States With the Best K-12 Schools 2017

The value of an education is significantly greater than many would think.  A Dallas Federal Reserve study in Texas in 2008 found that a typical Texas college grad ends up making 97 percent more than those without college degrees, on average, over their earnings lifetime.  Two issues are interactive: both the attainment of the education …Read more

Another Top-10 List — Best Cities for Career Opportunities

Like it or not, how much a person makes today along with future potential income growth, coupled with the comparative cost of living all but dictates sustainable lifestyles and how one will retire, economically speaking. Low unemployment rates and future growth in jobs make a great one-two combination in the ease of finding a job …Read more

Another Top-10 List — 2014 Best Cities to Live In

In economics the assumption is that people will attempt to optimize outcomes, that is, make the best or most effective use of an opportunity, resource or situation. Examples in optimizing ranges selecting an item off the menu, buying an automobile, clothes, or even deciding where to live. When it comes to where you want to …Read more