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A Look at Refinance and Purchase Lending Expectations for 2016

Transaction volume is the backbone for real estate professionals. Sellers selling, buyers buying — and for those impacted by refinancing – borrowers with mortgage loans refinancing are key to the livelihoods of an array of real estate professionals. Except for all-cash buyers, lending is the key metric in showing past and future transaction volumes. Lending …Read more

DrTCJ Tweets May 22 2015 – June 18 2015

For those of you that do not Tweet – you should consider doing so. If you want to talk about effective bang for the buck, the 140 total characters, letters, numbers and spaces of a Tweet on Twitter certainly qualifies. Who knew you could say so much in so little? It reminds me of Mark …Read more

Interest Rates Impacting Real Estate – June 19 2015 – Issue 4

This is the fourth edition of the weekly overview of interest rates impacting real estate: 10-year constant-rate Treasury Notes and 30-year fixed-rate residential loans. To see the prior edition click http://blog.stewart.com/stewart/2015/06/15/weekly-interest-rates-analysis-impacting-real-estate-june-12-2015/ The first graph shows the 10-year Treasury note for the past 30 days. Rates eased slightly last week as the Federal Reserve once again …Read more

Another Top-10 List — States with the Highest and Lowest Residential Loan Down Payments

Absent from the housing recovery, at least until now, has been first-time homebuyers. Increased Credit Scrutiny, Dodd-Frank, Qualified Mortgages, Job Losses, Slow Economic Recovery and Student Loans have taken their toll. Key to limiting first-time homebuyers, however, has been the increased down payment since 2007 which has barred many prospective homeowners and relegated them to …Read more

10-Year Treasury Rates May

Made a call this week that 30-year fixed-rate residential conventional mortgage loan interest rates are heading to 5.2 percent by the fall of 2016. You can read this at http://blog.stewart.com/stewart/2015/05/27/interest-rates-no-place-but-up-installment-2/ and hold me to it over the next 18 months. After several conversations since then, thought it would be prudent to do a weekly update …Read more

Interest Rates No Place But Up: Installment #2

The premise of this blog is that residential lending rates are going to rise. The trigger is when Janet Yellen commences raising rates. The question is how much will they increase? Ted’s Forecast: When Janet Yellen announces that the Fed is going to increase rates, within six months the 30-year residential fixed-rate loan will increase …Read more

Updated December 2012 Residential Lending Forecast

So many of you responded to a blog last week on forecast residential lending forecasts by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), with the updated forecasts today from the MBA and Fannie Mae, attached are the latest tables, charts and the respective forecasts from December 2012. Since October 2011, the total …Read more