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State Gross Domestic Product Q1 to Q2 2017 Compound Annualized Growth Rates — The Most Comprehensive Measure of Economic Activity

The total value of all goods and services produced, expressed in inflation-adjusted dollars, is defined as the Real Gross Domestic Product (Real GDP) and is the most comprehensive measure of economic activity.   Naturally there is recurring systematic variability based on the respective quarter of the year and massive differences from state-to-state in addition to general …Read more

The Partial Government Shutdown, Wall Street and Implications

While a partial shutdown of government is not unprecedented, the frequency of occurrence is relatively rare. In the United States’ more than 200-year history, the first U.S. shutdown came under President Gerald Ford. Then Jimmy Carter’s presidency essentially changed the rules for shutdowns. His Attorney General, Benjamin Civiletti, issued a legal opinion essentially saying that …Read more