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4 Types of Water Damage Coverages to Consider

Home insurance provides coverage in the event your home or belongings suffer damage or complete loss. When you make a claim, the coverage provided is based on the event that caused the damage, also known as a “peril.” A common peril homeowners want on their policy is water damage. There are four separate types of …Read more

Understanding Your Home Insurance: The BIG 3

We have previously given our top tips to consider when selecting home insurance; but what does your home policy actually protect? Whether you are purchasing home insurance for the first time or renewing for your 20th year, understanding the basics of your insurance policy is important so you can better evaluate your options.

Protecting your Client’s Assets

For the majority of homeowners, their home is the single most expensive purchase and their most valuable asset. Whether you are representing a first-time homebuyer or a buyer who has owned many homes be sure to remind them to evaluate their insurance options. Home insurance is the single most important piece of homeownership when it comes to protecting your client’s biggest asset.