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Price Per Square Foot Rising in Most Markets

As the economy continues to grow jobs, consumer confidence rises and residential rental rates increase, the demand for housing rises. Given a very tight inventory of builder-ready lots, new home construction is trailing demand. As a result, asking prices for both new and existing homes, and ultimately sales prices, are climbing. In some cities prices …Read more

Don’t Tell Me What You Did For Me Today–Tell What You’re Going to Do Tomorrow — Housing Markets, Wall Street and Life

There’s a real dilemma as an investor relations person when it comes to Wall Street and your company’s earnings performance. If you have a bad quarter and fail to meet expectations, the market will react negatively and essentially punish your stock price – sometimes literally pummel it. Other times, when you exceed expectations, the market …Read more

Top Ten Higher-End Items Builders Will Likely Omit in 2012

The National Association of Home Builders surveyed their membership on what features will likely not be included in 2012 construction as much as in the past.  Builders were asked to rate these amenities from 1 to 5 with 5 being more likely to be included.  The findings, reported in a MarketWatch news article included the …Read more

New Home Sales in 2012 Reach All-Time Low Since 1963

The number of new home sales in the U.S. hit an all time low since data collection commenced in 1963.   This now tallies to six consecutive years of declines in new home sales.  The industry continues to have resistance on two fronts:  1.  Ongoing absorption of the over-construction from 2003 to 2006, and;   2.  The …Read more

Global Population Forecasts

For Every Three Dwellings in the World Today, an Additional One Needs to be Built In addition to U.S. population forecasts, the U.S. Census Bureau also forecasts population for all foreign countries.  Some countries are on track to more than double by 2050 while others are shrinking (Russia and China, for example).  Uganda, for example, …Read more