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Are You Using Twitter?

Since January 2, 2014, I have been Tweeting under the DrTCJ account. To view my homepage click: https://twitter.com/DrTCJ While many of you do not have Twitter accounts, or perhaps you do not follow me, please take a look at the Tweets from the first half of April 2014 in the bullets below. DrTCJ April 2014 …Read more

September 2013 Existing Home Sales Up 10.7 Percent Year-Over-Year, Median Price Gains 11.7 Percent

The just-released September 2013 existing homes by the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) is truly dichotomizing the press, investors, analysts and economists between the Glass is Half Full and the Glass is Half Empty crowds. Year-over-year comparison from September 2013 shows an increase on a seasonally-adjusted annualized basis of 10.7 percent in the number of …Read more

The Partial Government Shutdown, Wall Street and Implications

While a partial shutdown of government is not unprecedented, the frequency of occurrence is relatively rare. In the United States’ more than 200-year history, the first U.S. shutdown came under President Gerald Ford. Then Jimmy Carter’s presidency essentially changed the rules for shutdowns. His Attorney General, Benjamin Civiletti, issued a legal opinion essentially saying that …Read more

Interest Rates Up, Date….

Interest rates finally broke from the slumber last week, and we saw the largest single weekly reported gain in 30-year fixed-rate conventional loans since April 17, 1987. That’s more than 26 years. The 30-year rate is now at the highest level in almost two years. But it remains highly affordable at 4.46 percent—and that is …Read more

Interesting Interest Rates – No Place But Up From Here

Since mid-2008 the U.S. Federal Reserve has flooded liquidity into the markets, at which time I gave up trying to forecast interest rates. It was akin to a gambler with $100 in their pocket trying to break the bank in Las Vegas, so-to-speak. Until recently, however, there was but one simple answer—rates were going down.  …Read more