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Another Top-10 List — 2014 Best Cities to Live In

In economics the assumption is that people will attempt to optimize outcomes, that is, make the best or most effective use of an opportunity, resource or situation. Examples in optimizing ranges selecting an item off the menu, buying an automobile, clothes, or even deciding where to live. When it comes to where you want to …Read more

Another Top-10 List — Fastest Growing Jobs in America

Jobs are everything to the economy and to the demand for real estate. Within the economy, however, some jobs face an outlook for increased demand while others portend a decline. Two extremes include the almost disappearance of the travel agent industry with the other end of the spectrum being the explosive growth of Web site …Read more

Portland, Oregon — An Award Winning Rose of an Economy

This week I had the opportunity to speak to the Oregon Mortgage Bankers Association in Portland, Oregon. It was a fun trip to catch up with colleagues, friends, customers and for the first time, see a new granddaughter as my daughter, son-in-law and children live there. The Portland-Vancouver-Hillsboro Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) created 28,900 net …Read more

Almost Mid-Year MSA and Divisions Jobs Report

Now that we are past the treacherous weather of the first quarter of this year, jobs and related economic activity can be viewed with increased resolution. It’s good to be back to a more normal economic environment. That economic landscape includes, however, a shocking portion of the workforce no longer participating in jobs and millions …Read more

Almost the Mid-Year State Jobs Update — May 2014

Everyone who knows me is aware that my moniker as economist is that Jobs are Everything. Period. That’s why I do not even discuss unemployment rates in my presentations since demand for residential and commercial real estate is more a function of people with jobs rather than the demographics of simply the population. While the …Read more