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State Employment Changes October 2017

Jobs are everything to an economy.   Period. So goes the number of jobs, so goes (in general) the demand for housing, commercial real estate and the overall performance of the economy.  Naturally other factors such as taxes (or the lack-thereof), location, natural resources and external factors alter all of this, but the ultimate measure is …Read more

Another Top-10 List — Best Cities to Start a Career

The first job after college is so important in launching a career and positioning a person for their lifelong earnings.   As shown in the past, it’s just not the level of pay but also associated living costs, growth potential (in responsibility and remuneration) and quality of life that need consideration.  As usual, I invoke the …Read more

Another Top-10 List — Best Cities in America to Start a Business 2017

With more than one-out-of-every 10 people in the U.S. labor force today working for themselves, small business is a big deal.  Newly started small business survival is not a guarantee.  The latest analysis of newly started business survival from the Bureau of Labor Statistic’s Business Employment Dynamics found the following survival rates (percentages are approximates) …Read more