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Interview With Bankrate.com

See comments below from a 30-minute interview with Bankrate.com  Friday. Comments: “I think the bottom line is we’re not out of this recession,” says Ted C. Jones, chief economist for Stewart Title. Yes, he realizes that a recession is defined as two consecutive quarters of shrinking gross domestic product, and a recovery is two quarters of …Read more

Interview on MSNBC.com

Experts see underlying weakness in housing Despite a surprising surge in home sales reported this week experts say the housing market’s spring fling has been fueled by now-expired tax credits and is unlikely to last.

Top-10 Market: The Slowest Selling Markets

Demand for real estate is a function of effective demand (and that really means jobs).  But you should never say demand without also saying supply.  It’s the interaction of the two that yields prices.  Denver, for example, has added more than 149,000 new dwelling units (all types including apartments), yet since January 1, 2001, yet …Read more