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Interest Rates Up, Date….

Interest rates finally broke from the slumber last week, and we saw the largest single weekly reported gain in 30-year fixed-rate conventional loans since April 17, 1987. That’s more than 26 years. The 30-year rate is now at the highest level in almost two years. But it remains highly affordable at 4.46 percent—and that is …Read more

Interesting Interest Rates – No Place But Up From Here

Since mid-2008 the U.S. Federal Reserve has flooded liquidity into the markets, at which time I gave up trying to forecast interest rates. It was akin to a gambler with $100 in their pocket trying to break the bank in Las Vegas, so-to-speak. Until recently, however, there was but one simple answer—rates were going down.  …Read more

Rapidly Shrinking Shadow Inventory Reported by the HousingWire — A Look at the Supply Side of the Equation (written September 25, 2012)

Earlier today I wrote about how economic demand for real estate in some small towns was increasing. I stated “Economics 101 teaches us that price changes in assets, goods and services are a function of supply and demand. The economic demand (versus demographic demand) for real estate is a function of job growth and income.” …Read more

Housing Markets Improving — As Are Lending Profits

Foreclosures dropped in July 2012 to 58,000 from 69,000 in July 2011 (and 62,000 in June 2012) according to CoreLogic. Half of all foreclosures were from five states: California, Florida, Michigan, Texas and Georgia. Homes tallied 1.3 million in some form of foreclosure (3.2 percent of all homes with a mortgage) compared to 1.5 million …Read more