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Another Top-10 City List — 10 Countries With the Least Overvalued Housing Markets of the 20 Analyzed by Deutsche Bank

Earlier this week I wrote about the 10 most over-valued housing markets among developed countries and why that can happen. http://blog.stewart.com/stewart/2013/12/17/another-top-10-list-and-you-may-not-want-to-be-on-this-one-unless-you-bought-early-the-most-overvalued-residential-markets-by-country/ Several emailed back and asked about how the U.S. compares. To refresh you, The Duetsche Bank (DB) researchers compared home prices to income and home prices to rent. Each of these two metrics (how …Read more

The Partial Government Shutdown, Wall Street and Implications

While a partial shutdown of government is not unprecedented, the frequency of occurrence is relatively rare. In the United States’ more than 200-year history, the first U.S. shutdown came under President Gerald Ford. Then Jimmy Carter’s presidency essentially changed the rules for shutdowns. His Attorney General, Benjamin Civiletti, issued a legal opinion essentially saying that …Read more