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Houston Economy and Housing Markets — Full Throttle Ahead

Jobs are everything to the economy. Period. And that is the same opening I used yesterday when talking about where things are happening, economically speaking, across the U.S. This morning I will be speaking in Houston (where I live), which can best be described as an economy accelerating at full throttle — an appropriate reference …Read more

Another Top-10 City List: Best Places for Real Estate Investors to Retire — Plus 5 Bonus Cities…

RealtyTrac has taken a look at where savvy real estate investors might retire based on housing market performance factors, climate, comparative cost of living and where retirement-aged people migrate. Factors in their rankings include: Housing market dynamics: median home prices, home price percentage change May 2012 to May 2013, capitalization rates – defined as the net annual income …Read more

Don’t Tell Me What You Did For Me Today–Tell What You’re Going to Do Tomorrow — Housing Markets, Wall Street and Life

There’s a real dilemma as an investor relations person when it comes to Wall Street and your company’s earnings performance. If you have a bad quarter and fail to meet expectations, the market will react negatively and essentially punish your stock price – sometimes literally pummel it. Other times, when you exceed expectations, the market …Read more