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There Are Only Three True Job Interview Questions

Since we talked about the Traits of Remarkable Employees last time–and what a great response, thank you–let’s add one additional article to the Human Resource side.  Even though this article is about questions when hiring an employee (or answering as an applicant), self-employed individuals should also address these three questions.  There are three questions to ask …Read more

A Lesson in Commercial Real Estate Values

Just-released Spring edition of NAR’s Commercial Magazine Commercial Connections. See page 12 of NAR’s Commercial Magazine for my article on commercial real estate values and cap rates.  Bad news is that commercial real estate values have plummeted.  Great news is that transaction volume will increase dramatically this year given these attractive prices.  Please comment to let …Read more

Top-10 Market: The Slowest Selling Markets

Demand for real estate is a function of effective demand (and that really means jobs).  But you should never say demand without also saying supply.  It’s the interaction of the two that yields prices.  Denver, for example, has added more than 149,000 new dwelling units (all types including apartments), yet since January 1, 2001, yet …Read more

US Govt. Sole Growth Node in US Office Market

5 Million Square Feet Absorption by Year End in DC Alone As the government becomes the lone bright spot for office demand (see the Globe Street article ), it relays to the taxpayer that growing government cannot be tamed or shrunk at will. What is amazing in scale is the estimate in the following article …Read more