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Houston Economy and Housing Markets — Full Throttle Ahead

Jobs are everything to the economy. Period. And that is the same opening I used yesterday when talking about where things are happening, economically speaking, across the U.S. This morning I will be speaking in Houston (where I live), which can best be described as an economy accelerating at full throttle — an appropriate reference …Read more

Another Top10 List — Best Places to Buy a Vacation Home

As the Dog Days of Summer draw to a close, many people are still winding up their summer vacations, while others are planning their Fall-Winter-Spring sojourns. As the economy continues to improve and consumers gain confidence in their outlook, vacation home purchases continue to rise. While some people buy a vacation property to be near …Read more

U.S. Housing Characteristics — The American Housing Survey

Did you know that in 2011: Median renter household income was $28,000 while owner-occupied housing income was $58,919 Median renter monthly housing cost was $845 versus $1,008 for owner-occupied housing Monthly electricity bills for renters was a median $90 per month versus $121 for owner-occupied housing If you ever wanted to know details — from …Read more

Price Per Square Foot Rising in Most Markets

As the economy continues to grow jobs, consumer confidence rises and residential rental rates increase, the demand for housing rises. Given a very tight inventory of builder-ready lots, new home construction is trailing demand. As a result, asking prices for both new and existing homes, and ultimately sales prices, are climbing. In some cities prices …Read more

Don’t Tell Me What You Did For Me Today–Tell What You’re Going to Do Tomorrow — Housing Markets, Wall Street and Life

There’s a real dilemma as an investor relations person when it comes to Wall Street and your company’s earnings performance. If you have a bad quarter and fail to meet expectations, the market will react negatively and essentially punish your stock price – sometimes literally pummel it. Other times, when you exceed expectations, the market …Read more