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Social Media – You Can’t Beat It, So Join It

Almost one-third of web users are discovering brands through social media. This demonstrates that it’s a powerful way to engage with your clients and keep them informed about your business. And while you may still be on the fence about engaging in social media, there’s no denying that it’s an extremely important piece of any …Read more

3 Ways to Respond to Social Media Attacks

Social media is an indispensable tool to market your business and engage with potential customers. But with opportunity comes risk – we’ve all seen businesses encounter customer backlash on their social media accounts. That’s why skillfully handling negative comments is crucial to success. Take advantage of these tips on how to effectively navigate a social …Read more

Top Marketing Trends for 2014

It’s time to play the annual guessing game: What will be the marketing trends in the coming year After some internal discussion and external research, four themes really stand out for 2014: providing quality content online, mobile optimization, visual social media sites and video content. It is vital to generate quality content for marketing materials, …Read more

Are You Getting Anything Out Of Your Social Media Efforts?

The potential business value of engaging customers, prospects and the real estate community in meaningful conversations through social media is impossible to ignore. Measuring the impact is a different story altogether. Determining the value of social networking seems to be the holy grail of social media today; many companies are investing significant time and resources …Read more

Think Before You Jump into Social Media

The potential to interact with customers and prospects online can be compelling, but before anyone takes the plunge into the social media arena, they should think well beyond their first post and give serious consideration to standards and strategies for the long-term effort. Goal-setting should be one of the first pre-launch considerations. Ask yourself why …Read more