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Top State Individual Marginal Income Tax Rates – 2019

Given progressive federal income tax rates in the U.S., almost everyone is aware that the more an individual makes, the greater their probable income tax burden (depending on deductions).  Where a person lives, however, can also impact potential income taxes given state and in some instances local assessments. We all agree that state and local …Read more

Average Income Tax Refunds by State — 2018

Tax season is upon us once again.   The one universally liked item about income taxes are tax refunds – occurring when an individual has an excess of taxes withheld from their paychecks.  The average income tax refund in 2018 was $2,727 according to the Internal Revenue Service.   This year is different since most Americans filing …Read more

Top-Marginal Corporate Income Tax Rates by State 2019

Tax season is upon us, but there are more taxes to consider than just personal income taxes.  Most states also collect corporate income taxes, although this source  accounts for just an average 3.38 percent of state tax collections and 2.24 percent of state general revenues. The following table (from the Tax Foundation) shows the top-marginal …Read more