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July 2020 Jobs Report: 1.763 Million Jobs Recovered in July, 9.3 Million Total Since Coronavirus, 12.9 Million Yet to Go

Following the economic and humanitarian Coronavirus catastrophe, the U.S. hemorrhaged 22.16 million jobs from the February 2020 peak.   Including the 1.763 million jobs recovered in July, 9.729 million jobs have come back, but 12.88 million yet remain.  Other good news in July was the drop in the unemployment rate to 10.2 percent from 11.1 percent …Read more

MSA & Division Job Performance — February to June 2020

The last time normal was observed in economic terms this year was February 2020, prior to the onslaught of Coronavirus.  All markets — Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) and Divisions —  lost jobs following the surge of virus across the country, and most have recovered some of the lost jobs according to data from the U.S. …Read more

U.S. Supersector Employment Changes from 1950 to 2020

As an economist, every time I drive through or fly into a new town or city I wander what the people there do to earn a living.   That’s why my most frequently used term and descriptor of the economy is, “Jobs are everything.  Period.  It’s all about jobs.” The numbers and types of jobs Americans …Read more

College Majors That Pay Off the Least

Some college majors pay off well, but unfortunately not all do.   From a financial perspective, some college majors could be categorized as poor investments.  While not every student looks at college from a return-on-investment point-of-view, they should at least be informed as to the likely expectation of income following graduation.  The college major itself does …Read more

Best Paying Jobs Without a College Degree

Not all well-paying jobs require a college degree — just as college is not for everyone.  Likewise, many jobs not requiring a college degree are not for all workers.  Physically demanding jobs limit some, as do higher-risk occupations.  Even though a job may not require a college degree, it is not uncommon to see people …Read more