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Another Top-10 List — Fastest Growing Jobs in America

Jobs are everything to the economy and to the demand for real estate. Within the economy, however, some jobs face an outlook for increased demand while others portend a decline. Two extremes include the almost disappearance of the travel agent industry with the other end of the spectrum being the explosive growth of Web site …Read more

Residential Apartment Rents Up 14.7 Percent Since 1990 – Yet Income Flat in Past 15 Years, Inflation Adjusted

The resurging housing market is making an imprint on many people’s pocket books, checking accounts and balance sheets. For homeowners today, that is a positive imprint and for renters, a negative one. The median existing home price was $96,400 in 1990 according to the National Association of Realtors® while the latest 12-month average of median …Read more

Another Top-10 List — Over and Undervalued Housing Markets

In the past week I wrote about the strong robust economy in Portland, Oregon, and how that, given limited new residential construction, home prices in Portland, in my opinion, were at a premium today given historical price levels. Then I came across a study from Trulia that specifically examined current valuations with respect to historical …Read more

Another Top-10 List — Best Cities for Working Woman

Woman have grown from filling 29 percent of all jobs in 1967 to almost 50 percent today. In 2011, four-in-ten mothers were the primary breadwinner for their family. Thus the income for many is critical to the well being of their family. Statistics, however, show that median women’s pay typically remains less than men’s. Recent …Read more

Another Top-10 List — State Gasoline Taxes

Immediately after writing about car and light-weight truck sales being at an almost eight-year high, one of the readers texted back that our vehicles are getting older due to high gasoline costs limiting how much American’s drive. Drive less and the car lasts longer. And then another similar response came. I commented back to them …Read more