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Another Top-10 List — Best Cities for Career Opportunities

Like it or not, how much a person makes today along with future potential income growth, coupled with the comparative cost of living all but dictates sustainable lifestyles and how one will retire, economically speaking. Low unemployment rates and future growth in jobs make a great one-two combination in the ease of finding a job …Read more

Another Top-10 List – Best Job Markets for Millennials

Jobs are everything to the economy and real estate. Period. This past recession was extremely challenging to those just entering the job market – the Millennials. Millennials, also referred to as Generation Y, are those born from 1982 to 2002. While the Baby Boomer generation was driven by compensation, Millennials have a broader vision beyond …Read more

Another Top-10 List — States with Greatest Proven Oil Reserves

Since 2008, known U.S. oil reserves have grown 60 percent to 30.5 billion barrels. That’s impressive. In addition, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) now estimates that the country likely has another 198 billion barrels of recoverable oil using technology available today. No doubt this will continue to increase. At the current estimated consumption of 19 …Read more

10-Year Employment Growth for the U.S. and States — Total, Federal, State & Local Governments: Installment #1

In economics the term Leakage refers to the outflow of funds from the commerce and banking system arising from savings, taxes and imports. Total employment in federal, state and local governments is a powerful proxy for the reduction in economic flows that otherwise could benefit the economy. Taxes – Leakage — necessary to support government …Read more