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The Partial Government Shutdown, Wall Street and Implications

While a partial shutdown of government is not unprecedented, the frequency of occurrence is relatively rare. In the United States’ more than 200-year history, the first U.S. shutdown came under President Gerald Ford. Then Jimmy Carter’s presidency essentially changed the rules for shutdowns. His Attorney General, Benjamin Civiletti, issued a legal opinion essentially saying that …Read more

Home Mortgage Interest Deduction

As the U.S. continues deeper into the abyss given massive federal deficits and looming spending increases on entitlements, Congress and the President are scrambling for potential spending cuts and tax increases. Included in this discussion is a potential to limit or eliminate the mortgage interest deduction (MID) on primary and second homes. The National Association …Read more

We Need Term Limits at All Levels of Government

It's Just Not the Federal Government That We Need to Question Regarding Debt An Example of State Perils (and I am not picking on California—this is just too good of an example to pass up) Many states are currently in economic peril—with California perhaps at the top of the list. California’s state debt outstanding (including …Read more