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What Does Title Insurance Underwriting Have to do with Starbucks?

Underwriting is a word commonly used in the title insurance business. But how many of us really understand the role of a title insurance underwriter? The word means to “write at the foot of or subscribe,” with subscribe coming from the Latin word to write-under. The term is believed to have been coined in the …Read more

Sharing My Real Estate Views in a Serious Way – with a Lighter Touch

I am the New Mexico and Oklahoma Underwriting Counsel for Stewart Title Guaranty Company. Like most of you, I’ve had many experiences that have taught me much and shaped my views and perspectives on real estate – from both legal and transactional points of view.  I’d like to start sharing those with you. I’ve been …Read more

Underwriting Update

As the real estate market recovers and interest rates rise, we’re seeing fewer distressed real estate or refinance transactions.  The commercial market continues to be strong and, after a tough winter, the residential purchase market is expected to improve as well. A healing economy, prudent underwriting, hard work in our claims group, and a best-in-class …Read more

Value of an Underwriter

Things are busy in the title insurance underwriting world right now, and together with our Chief Underwriting Counsel Jim Gosdin, I am pleased to lead the outstanding underwriting team here at Stewart. Our structure and expertise, coupled with the leadership of a deep bench of talented senior underwriters, really sets us apart. Our team is …Read more