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Another Top-10 List — Best Markets to Buy a Vacation Home Without Breaking the Bank in 2017

As 44 million Americans return from their 4th of July vacations, no doubt many wish they owned a vacation home where they had just visited.   Others are actively contemplating the purchase of a vacation home this year. Vacation homebuyers made-up one-out-of-every eight home purchases in 2016 according to the National Association of Realtors® (NAR).   The …Read more

Vacation Homes Getting Hotter as the Summer Temperature Rises

Who doesn’t dream about owning that house on the beach, a ski condo in the Rockies, a lakeside bungalow or even a downtown high-rise retreat?  As the primary owner-occupied U.S. housing markets continue to recover, likewise goes the vacation home market.  One-in-five homeowners owns more than one dwelling unit—either as a vacation home or as …Read more