Stewart Talks Community

As a representative of the title industry, no one knows better than you that the community places their implicit trust in us to properly deal with their greatest assets. Think about that. Whom do you trust? It’s not someone who wants to be your newest best friend, but a person you have gotten to know by working alongside them, or from watching their public performance.

At the same time, we as an industry rely on a vibrant community in which to practice our profession. Communities are not just born that way. It takes leaders and workers who consider how to build good communities and then put their back into realizing that vision. In doing so, we improve the environment in which we live and improve the prospects for performance of our business and enjoyment of our family.

Communities are living, breathing organisms. Whether it is supporting the arts, helping in education, beautification projects, sports, scouts – by participating in the areas of your talents and interests, you are breathing oxygen into the bloodstream of your community.

The community supported will be one that supports you as well. The greatest gift one gives is in giving – so don’t wait for your phone to ring. Talk to your customers about their ideas and your ideas, and together, I bet you’ll quickly discover ways you can jointly improve your community.

Title folks may be among the most respected in town – everyone counts on you. You are at the hub of almost all development that happening in your city. The lawyers, the mayor, the banks, the REALTORS®, the developers – all have the same desire to see our communities grow and prosper. Mark time on your calendar to go out and meet with other leaders in your community every week. Make this your mindset and you WILL find plenty to do. Go for it!

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