Simplifying Electronic Document Review for Real Estate Brokers

Technology usually makes tasks easier. But for real estate brokers, digital files haven’t always enhanced the speed of auditing and reviewing documents.

Brokers have traditionally reviewed documents from one, often large, stack of incoming papers that they can quickly flip through to read. When documents went digital, the process became complicated. Reviewers were required to open and keep track of multiple PDF documents in separate windows. There were a number of benefits associated with taking the process digital, like full annotations, pre-loaded stamps and highlighting. However, the cumbersome process left many brokers clinging to their manila file folders instead of taking the leap to electronic files.

With that in mind, we created our document review tool as a free, add-on to SureClose®. This tool digitally emulates the traditional stack of paper. Brokers can pull and organize documents in SureClose and digitally “flip” through them in the same manner as a hardcopy.

The document review process is now faster and more efficient. If corrections are required, just a few clicks will send the document to the appropriate party; otherwise all it takes is one click for the broker to approve or reject the document, then send the reviewed document back to its place within the SureClose file. Furthermore, all of this activity is tracked to the SureClose file for compliance.

We have seen tremendous success and improved workflow for the brokers, managers and transaction coordinators who have adopted the review tool. Today, more than 2.3 million documents have been reviewed by SureClose users through its document review tool. This tool became available to customers in May of 2010.

By incorporating the familiar method into our current technology, we were able to create an easy-to-use tool that is now an integral part of SureClose, the real estate industry’s most widely used transaction management system.

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