Pursuing Real Estate Services

At Stewart, we talk a lot about being a real estate services company. For most, this phrase may not evoke tremendous excitement and thought-provoking innovation. However, for us, it does define our sandbox and keep us grounded – to understand who we are, what types of business we should be in, where to allocate our resources, where to focus our energies.

Perhaps more importantly, it helps define who we are not. For many of us, the most challenging decisions are not determining what TO do, but rather what NOT to do. I’m not certain who first coined the phrase “good is the enemy of great,” but it is important that “good” pursuits don’t consume time that could better be spent on achieving “great.”

With that in mind, allow me to pose three key elements of a service business:

We are in the people business. Because we are a service business, we cannot rely on a single product or technology to become the market leader. Yes, we must provide valuable services and do so in an efficient way, but our people truly make the difference.

We are in the experience business. When people work with a service business, they remember the experience, not the product. Our ability to capture, retain and grow our customer base is contingent on not just getting the deal done, but doing so in a way that provides an extraordinary experience.

We are in the trust business. Unlike a product business, where success is dependent on a tangible product, our success is built on trust. Our customers must trust that we have taken care of everything. They must have trust that we stand behind the policies we issue – that we will be here if there ever is a problem.

Stewart is committed to leading. We are committed to driving an unparalleled level of service to our customers, and we value our role in enhancing real estate transactions. We also value your business and the opportunity to serve your customers. Let us know how we are doing.

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