Title Insurance Protects People from the Past

Recently, I had the fortunate experience of being interviewed by the Albuquerque Journal for a story on the value of title insurance. Along with Division President Jennifer Greenwood, we had the opportunity to make a complex process easier to understand and explain the importance of title insurance.

As I noted in the story, most insurance protects people from future events, while title insurance protects people from the past. While one out of every four residential real estate transactions has an issue with the title, these issues are usually resolved by title professionals before the buyer closes.

Title insurance protects against hidden defects in title, which are often not discovered until after buyers complete the purchase of their home. It’s worthwhile protection and provides peace of mind for the single largest financial investment many people make.

I’ve always been passionate about communicating our industry’s value. I have been involved in projects such as helping create the American Bar Association’s “Llaves de mi Casa” (Keys to my House) video, which provides information to first-time homebuyers in Spanish and English. It was great to pull back the curtain and educate people in Albuquerque about our industry.

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