Reflecting on My First Month at Stewart Title

As my first month as division president at Stewart Title is coming to a close, I wanted to pause for a minute to reflect on my experience and explain my vision for our division.

In these first weeks, I have been consistently impressed with my team. Stewart associates share a common passion for serving the local community – and the talent pool is deep. We have a well-earned reputation for providing top-notch service to local customers, which is tribute to our seamless closing experience and backing of our global network. Our team is dedicated to elevating Stewart’s presence in the marketplace, and the community is taking notice.

Here’s how we’re doing it.

My first 90-day goal as division president is to set a clear vision for the region, one that is directly aligned with Stewart’s overall game plan. Providing my team with direction and effectively communicating how we will get to the next level is critical to growing our market presence and meeting the needs of our customers.  In order to continue putting customer experience first, our team must be fully aligned as we move forward – and collaboration is key.

Our associates are the greatest asset we have, and I intend to provide them with all of the resources they need to drive success in their individual roles. This attitude is one that is shared by Stewart’s leadership across the board – and is one of the main things that attracted me to my current position. Stewart values its associates. Your value to the company is not tied to dollars, but to performance, and our leaders are committed to providing you with the tools you need to exceed. I want to amplify that vision and ensure that each and every associate in the Portland-SW Washington division is proud to work for Stewart – and that their loyalty to the company and community does not go unnoticed.

To spark this momentum, I invited all fifty-five employees from the five counties in my division to attend a collaborative, all hands on deck meeting last week. This meeting was a time for us to come together, align, discuss our vision and move forward in a stronger position. I look forward to growing with my team and setting clear goals that will help Stewart protect and enable real estate ownership – today and for years to come.


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