Lessons in Teamwork During a Transition: Tiziano Doto’s First 90 Days at Stewart Title

Our Agency Services team in Massachusetts is stronger than ever. We recently welcomed an experienced new leader, Tiziano Doto, in the role of Agency Services Manager – and he has already made a huge impact in the local community.


Tiziano is focused on driving our business forward and ensuring that each of our Agency partners receives world-class service. His charismatic leadership and commitment to empowering those who work on his team has already led to significant growth in our New England offices – and he is just getting started.


In this Q&A interview, I will be talking to Tiziano about his first 90 days at Stewart, and exploring his key takeaways from the experience so far.

Stephen Dinsmore: How did you approach your first few months at Stewart?

Tiziano Doto: Initially, it was really about connecting with the team and Stewart as a whole. It was important to me to learn as much as I could about every member of the team, and get their honest perspectives on how we were operating – both the good and the bad – before we could collaborate to move forward in an even stronger position.


I also spent as much time as possible meeting externally with independent agents in the Stewart Trusted Provider™ network. I wanted to know their businesses and operations as much as possible and understand what unique needs they have and how our team could best fill those gaps. Once I learned firsthand the capabilities of the team, and received feedback from our agents, I was able to understand the bigger picture of what our team needed and really hit the ground running.

Stephen Dinsmore: What is your approach to leadership and teamwork?

Tiziano Doto: Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to work with some high-caliber teams, but the team we have at Stewart is one of the best. We truly have a team of top performers. Each associate owns their individual role and is dedicated to collaborating to meet the unique needs of our clients. I have consistently been impressed with our team’s dedication and what they are able to accomplish. It’s my goal to ensure that my team has the resources and support they need to operate efficiently. Our associates are the greatest asset we have, and I want to empower them to be successful in their roles.

Stephen Dinsmore: How has your team grown since you started?

Tiziano Doto: Over the past 90 days, we’ve hired several new team members to round out our talent in the office and to enable us to continue growing. It’s been great to see how each new team member brings fresh perspective and energy to the table, and to watch how rapidly we’ve been able to grow and expand our service offerings. It’s critical to our success that each person is able to perform at the highest level – and making those key additions to the team to support operations has had tremendous impact.

Stephen Dinsmore
Stephen Dinsmore

About Stephen Dinsmore, Agency District Manager: With more than 25 years in the title industry, Steve has had the opportunity to serve in a variety of legal and agency-related roles. After several years as a real estate attorney in private practice at a Boston law firm, Steve’s first title insurance position was as legal and claims counsel, followed by over 16 years as an agency sales professional and sales manager. Steve joined Stewart in 2007 as Vice President and New England Sales Manager, and currently serves as Senior Vice President, New England Agency Services District Manager.


Steve continues to be a licensed attorney in Massachusetts, a long-time member and supporter of the Real Estate Bar Association and a member of the Massachusetts Land Title Association. Steve earned his B.A. in economics from Boston College and his J.D. from Boston College Law School.

Tiziano Doto
Tiziano Doto

About Tiziano Doto, Agency Services Manager: Tiziano Doto brings to Stewart’s New England clients more than 25 years of experience as a real estate attorney. Prior to joining Stewart, Tiziano worked as an attorney, handling the intricate legalities of residential and commercial transactions. He earned tenure in agency services at two major title-insurance companies where he earned customers’ respect for his underwriting skills and efficiency. His ability to navigate transaction complexities make him an instrumental factor in the success of complex deals.


Tiziano received his Juris Doctorate from Massachusetts School of Law and was admitted to the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit and the federal district court.


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