Another Top-10 List — States with the Greatest (and Least) Percentage of Government Workers

All U.S. taxpayers must not only pay for their own way, but also for all of the governmental jobs.   The percentage of governmental workers per state varies from a low of 11.8 percent of the workforce in Pennsylvania to a high of 24.9 percent in Wyoming.  As usual, I invoke the TINSTAANREM axiom — There Is No Such Thing As A National Real Estate Market or a National Economy.  The same is true regarding the total number of governmental employees in a state, including federal, state and local workers.

The following states have the greatest percentage of government employees. While the U.S. overall had government employees making up 15.1 percent of the total employed workforce, or one-out-of-every 6.61 workers, Alaska and Wyoming government jobs accounted for one-out-of-every four jobs, with the others in the top 10 having approximately one of every five jobs.  Alaska and Wyoming had very high percentages of public lands at 55.9 percent and 95.8 percent respectively.  That, however, does not statistically correlate for other states with greater percentages of public lands.   Idaho’s workforce has 17.2 percent of all jobs as governmental, yet public lands account for 70.2 percent of the state.  Arizona, which is 56.8 percent public lands, had just 14.9 percent of all jobs by the government, which is even less than the U.S. average,

The next table shows the states with the lowest percentage of government workers.  Nevada’s workforce is just 12 percent government sourced, but public lands make up 87.8 percent of the state.

Which states have the greatest government spending per capita?  And the least?  The following two tables show the top- and botton-10 states based on per capita government spending.  A first look might lead readers to incorrectly conclude that states with a smaller population had greater spending per capita, as ranks one, two, three, four and five were Alaska, Wyoming, North Dakota, Vermont, New Mexico and Delaware, respectively.   However, also included in the top-10 were New York and Massachusetts – both with relatively large populations.

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