NAR’s iOi Conference Brings Startups, VC’s and Real Estate Together

The National Association of Realtors recently took a bold step forward in bringing startups, venture capitalists and real estate visionaries together in San Francisco for a fast-paced, two-day event to explore ways to fast-track forward-looking technology tools. With over 400 attending the inaugural Innovation, Opportunity & Investment Summit, there was a wide range of opinions and opportunities to be discussed. NAR’s CEO, Bob Goldberg, underscored his commitment by saying, “The iOi Summit is integral to my vision to position NAR at the forefront of advocating for technologies that ensure Realtors® are essential to consumers throughout the real estate transaction.”

The event included a hackathon where interested parties were able to show their skills in artificial intelligence programming and machine learning development in ways that enhance the overall real estate experience. In addition to the hackathon, the event included a pitch battle where startup entrepreneurs could put their ideas for improving (or transforming) the real estate transaction process in front of venture capital decision makers.

Keller Williams’ KW Labs won the hackathon competition by building an app that agents can use to make a video walkthrough of a property that identifies the type of room along, along with special features…then converts all of that to text and builds a web page with links from auto-gen photos that show up in the video. Not bad for a hackathon! I just wonder how long before we will see it launched in production for KW’s agents.

The BoxBrownie team won the pitch battle with their awesome photo-editing capabilities that I learned about when I recorded their “elevator speech” at Inman Connect New York 18 in January. You can check ‘em out here on my Marvin on Real Estate Facebook Page.

It’s great to see NAR put together a cutting-edge event to ensure that their members remain at the center of the real estate transaction process by investing in the technology improvements that consumers increasingly expect. Look for more to come from NAR as they build on the success of their first iOi event.


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