Best Jobs in America 2019

As the new year progresses, the questions from parents and grandparents continue: “What should my child-grandchild-God child-niece-nephew-cousin et al major in at college to obtain a good job?   This question arises multiple times weekly.

Fortunately, U.S. News and World creates an annual compilation of the jobs that are projected to have the greatest number of new openings from 2016 to 2026 as ascertained by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Focus is paid to the following metrics and corresponding scorings:

Median Salary   10 Points Maximum

Salary Score = Square Root of the Median Salary Divided by 40, with a maximum score of 10 (which is reached at a salary of $160,000)

Employment Rate   10 Points Maximum

Score            Unemployment Rate
10 Points            1 Percent or Less
8 Points              1 to 2.5 Percent
6 Points                       2.5 to 5.0 Percent
4 Points               5.0 to 10 Percent
2 Points               10.0 Percent & Up

10-Year Job Growth Volume   10 Points Maximum

Score            10-Year Job Growth Level
10 Points           150,000 & Up New Jobs
8 Points             75,000 to 149,999
6 Points                     10,000 to 74,999
4 Points             Less Than 10,000
2 Points                Decline in Jobs

10-Year Job Growth Percentage   10 Points Maximum

Score            10-Year Job Growth Percentage
10 Points             30 Percent and Up
8 Points                  20 to 29 Percent
6 Points                        10 to 19 Percent
4 Points                  9 Percent or Less
2 Points                     Declining Jobs

Future Job Prospects    10 Points Maximum

Score               BLS Job Perspective Rating
10 Points                    Excellent
8 Points                    Very Good
6 Points                                Good
4 Points                  Favorable
2 Points               Keen Competition

Stress Level   10 Points Maximum

Score               Assigned by Editors
10 Points                       Low
8 Points               Below Average
6 Points                                  Average
4 Points                     Above Average
2 Points                          High

Work-Life Balance   10 Points Maximum

Score               Assigned by Editors

10 Points                   High
8 Points               Above Average
6 Points                               Average
4 Points                 Below Average
2 Points                        Low

The results based on these metrics and scores are shown in the following table.    The importance of the STEM courses and studies (Science, Technology, Engineering and Science) classes in these occupations cannot be underemphasized.   Mathematics is a critical core of study in an overwhelming majority of these top jobs well into 2026.

To read the entire U.S. News and World Report article and rankings for the top 100 click

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No doubt varying the weightings and individual metrics would change the ordering of these jobs, but these are the best growth jobs today when looking between now and 2026 – and likely beyond.



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