Big Ideas from the Big Apple – Inman Connect New York 2019

Part 2 – Hacker and Capital Connect – Where Tech and Funding Meet

For dealmakers, the two most important days at Inman Connect New York 2019 were Monday and Friday. Monday brought the real estate tech crowd together for a full day of sessions and networking. Fast forward to Friday when the analysts and venture capitalists took the stage to share their insights on which new real estate startups are likely to get funded…and which ones aren’t.

Hacker Connect

The duo that opened the Hacker Connect session identified the following real estate-related, top tech trends for 2019. Find them below with selected insights on each:

Top Tech Trends for 2019

  1. Tech Savvy Consumers – One speaker noted that they’re now more important than your board
  2. Privacy and Security – Will remain paramount as breaches continue to erode consumer trust
  3. API’s – Integration is critical as real estate agents struggle to move data between applications
  4. Big Data – Startups want analytics and consumers want true personalization. Enter big data.
  5. Artificial Intelligence – Key to providing experiences that are laser-targeted to individual tastes
  6. Voice Assistants – Often overlooked, voice assistants are growing rapidly. “Just ask Alexa!”
  7. Image Recognition – From photos for “no-input” listings to quality control for appraisals
  8. Open Platforms – Heated talks about MLS rules and the closed platforms that stifle innovation
  9. AR and VR – Enhancing listings and showings through augmented and virtual reality. It’s here.
  10. Blockchain – “No Top 10 list is complete without blockchain. This year it will start to get real”

Table Talk – “Tips for Bringing a New Product to Market”

The networking roundtable sessions in the afternoon covered a wide range of topics ranging from the issues of today to the opportunities of tomorrow. Biggest takeaways? Whether you’re developing a new application or a new process – you need to have a system for “frictionless feedback” like UserVoice. Feedback systems improve input cycles and can even foster community among early participants which, ultimately, leads toward success.

Capital Connect

At the end of a long and very wintery week, the Inman Connect New York 2019 conference finished strong with deep discussions on the top trends being watched by the top minds in venture capital:

  1. Full Stack Brokerages – Leveraging tech for more wallet share and better consumer experience
  2. Workflow Automation – Old companies with refreshed tech and startups with new ideas
  3. Flexible Lease Models – Retail, office and now residential have shared and short-term options
  4. iBuyers – New players and many variations. Some participating with agents…some not so much
  5. Democratization of Investing –Online facilitators improve access and process for the ‘little guy’
  6. Digital Buildings – Smart buildings using IoT to automate operations and mitigate damage
  7. Affordable Housing – New financing, new types of construction and roommate marketplaces
  8. CRE Marketplaces – Making office space ‘discoverable’ and reducing friction in leasing
  9. Digital Landlord Tools – Helping landlords collect rents, serve notice, communicate with tenants
  10. Blockchain – Securitizing mortgage loans and equity in properties including tokenization

What’s Next?

Next up is “Eye on iBuyers – Will they embrace or replace the traditional brokerage?”

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