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Commercial Real Estate Cycles for Q2 2021 — Dr Glenn Mueller’s Must-Read Quarterly Report

As the pandemic progresses through its lifecycle, the demand for commercial real estate continues to evolve with some property types and markets struggling and others booming.  Detailed market-specific insight is critical to ascertain where individual real estate markets are currently at and where they are heading. Dr Glenn Mueller’s quarterly Commercial Real Estate Cycles report …Read more

Commercial Real Estate Cycles for Q1 2021 — Dr Glenn Mueller’s Must-Read Quarterly Report

While housing markets turned hot after the first four months of the pandemic last year, commercial real estate still struggles.   Even prior to the pandemic there were growing trends of e-commerce migrations out from the higher-tax, greater density markets and growing work-from-anywhere jobs negatively impacting commercial property.  The pandemic magnified and accelerated these trends.   Detailed …Read more

5 Types of Phishing Emails You Need to Be Aware Of

Today I want to talk about five types of text-only emails. The majority of this form of phishing typically comes disguised as a link, attachment, or both. Text-only emails are frequently overlooked but can be just as dangerous as other phishing methods. The first text-only email is the decades-old “Nigerian prince” (1) scam most of …Read more

Inman Connect 2021 – January Takeaways

What a difference a year makes! In January 2020, New York City’s Marriott Marquis in Times Square was home to the industry’s last in-person mega conference, Inman Connect. Drawing thousands of visitors every year, Inman Connect New York general sessions are often standing room only. However, thanks to the global pandemic, thousands of agents, teams, …Read more

Intro to the 1031 Exchange: What Are They and What Are the Rules

In simple terms, a 1031 exchange is a trade of one investment property for another that allows you to defer capital gains taxes. While potential tax reform could impact 1031 exchanges, we wanted to walk through what they can do for you today. This powerful tax strategy must be used carefully as there many moving …Read more

U.S. Retail Sales October 2020

Total retail sales are now once again strong, just like a faucet running at full flow.  Depending on the type of goods being sold, however, the  temperature of sales ranges from hot to cold. Total real (inflation adjusted) retail and food service sales were up 4.4 percent in October 2020 versus one-year ago, as shown …Read more

Q3 2020 Commercial Real Estate Cycles – Dr Glenn Mueller

This roller-coaster pandemic-altered economy is generating a smoke screen on the underlying fundamentals of the commercial real estate market.  While Jobs are everything to an economy, the U.S. is still short from where it was in February of this year.   While the housing market has boomed (since we have so much time at home), the …Read more

Retail Sales by Kind of Business – September 2020

Retail sales (including food services) dominate the U.S. economy typically making up 70 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP).  GDP is essentially the value of all goods and services produced. Retail sales plunged 20.7 percent from February 2020 (baseline prior to the Coronavirus impact) to April 2020, but has since recovered to an all-time record …Read more