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ALTA ONE 2018 in Review

Having returned from the ALTA ONE 2018 conference held at L.A. Live in Los Angeles, I’ve had time to reflect on the sessions, meetings and dinner conversations that stood out. In thinking about the topics, two big themes seemed to rise to the top: consumer protection (wire fraud) and consumer experience. Here’s what the title …Read more

ALTA 2.0

The 2013 ALTA Annual Convention attendance in West Palm Beach was the largest in about 25 years. This is a sign of resurgence in business volume and prosperity, as well as a large interest in the evolving regulatory environment. ALTA is always a time to reconnect with industry members, customers and friends. The Stewart organization …Read more

ALTA 2013 Update

The 107th ALTA Annual Convention is under way at the beautiful Breakers Hotel in West Palm Beach. Attendees began arriving early Monday for committee meetings; many arrived Tuesday to prepare for sessions and the opening on Wednesday. About 25 wonderful Stewart associates are on hand, building relationships with independent agencies; learning from breakout sessions; contributing …Read more

How is Title Insurance Different Than Other Insurance?

The word insurance is identified with images of protection and security. It is often associated with undesirable events and transfer of risk. While title insurance does include these elements, there are some distinct characteristics that differ from much of the insurance industry. We insure the past, not the future According to the American Land Title …Read more

The Race to Being Compliant

I don’t know about you, but the past few months have been a whirlwind to say the least. CFPB is here, and has infiltrated not only my brain, but our days, nights and business operations, as I am sure it has your’s too. As I sit in task force meetings to help to prepare to help you to be CFPB compliant, I am reminded of HUD 2010 initiative.

Solving Common Technology Problems with the Help of ALTA

Working through its technology committee, the American Land Title Association® (ALTA®) is common ground for title agencies and underwriters, like Stewart, to work with their peers and tech partners to solve industry compliance challenges and to grow our ability to meet the needs of our customers. Currently the ALTA Tech Committee is completing models for industry use that include title agency validation for lenders and electronic payments by agencies to the underwriter. These models incorporate industry standards for data interchange so that, for example, agency systems can talk to underwriter systems in a common way, saving expenses for system development for both agencies, and underwriters. This work also opens the door for an improved, simple standard process for payments that brings efficiencies for the agency and the underwriter. An iGuide on the value of the model and how to use it is part of the committee deliverables.