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Jobs Report – U.S. Metros February 2021

Jobs continue to be recovered since the plunge seen at the onset of the pandemic in 2020.   Though the U.S. recouped another 379,000 jobs in February 2021 nationwide, there still remains 9.47 million yet to be brought back.   The recovery rate of jobs, however, differs across the country.   Various metrics for 380 of the Metropolitan …Read more

State Job Growth Rates February 2021

The U.S. continued recouping jobs lost a year ago at the onset of the pandemic, with 30 states posting jobs gains from January to February 2021 on a seasonally adjusted basis based on data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Six states posted no change in jobs from January to February while 14 states …Read more

U.S. Job Growth Came in at a Minuscule 0.03 Percent in January 2021 — Unemployment Dropped to 6.3 Percent from 6.7 Percent

The U.S. added a miniscule 49,000 net new jobs in January 2021 (0.03 percent gain from December 2020) based on seasonally adjusted data reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).  The previously reported December 2020 loss of 140,000 jobs was restated to a loss of 227,000.   The unemployment rate dropped from 6.7 percent in …Read more

Tough Jobs Report — December 2020

Jobs are everything to the economy and ultimately to the demand for real estate.   Following the pandemic plunge when 22+ million jobs were lost in March and April, the U.S. followed with seven consecutive months of job gains recouping 12.3 million (55.6 percent) of the lost jobs.  Until now.   December saw an estimated 140,000 net …Read more

MSA Job Metrics – November 2020

Jobs are everything to the economy and to the ultimate demand for real estate.  Period.  U.S. job numbers have been on a wild roller coaster ride since the pandemic, with the country still shy 9.8 million jobs when compared to February of this year.  The loss and recovery rates of jobs have not been uniform …Read more

State Job Growth & Loss Rates – November 2020

More than 60 percent of the states and the District of Columbia (32 out of the 51 total) added jobs from October to November based on seasonally adjusted job numbers as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).  The first table shows the percentage change, ranked from best to worst.  While Hawaii posted …Read more