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Intro to the 1031 Exchange: What Are They and What Are the Rules

In simple terms, a 1031 exchange is a trade of one investment property for another that allows you to defer capital gains taxes. While potential tax reform could impact 1031 exchanges, we wanted to walk through what they can do for you today. This powerful tax strategy must be used carefully as there many moving …Read more

Another Top-10 List — Best Military Markets to Invest in Single Family Rentals

There are types of towns that will always have heavy rental housing demands: college towns and military base markets. Military markets, however, have year-round occupants while college and university towns have a higher summer vacancy rate. Each are attractive opportunities for investors. To help guide investors in markets with military bases, HomeUnion analyzed towns having …Read more

Another Top-10 List — Best (and Worst) Housing Investment Markets

The evolution in housing since the bubble burst has been towards single family rentals. Many people that lost their homes in the downturn still prefer to live in single family properties rather than becoming apartment dwellers. Investors continue to scoop up the distressed, attractively-priced properties. The single family investment property has become a significant component …Read more